RJM Music MasterMind PBC

What have we been up to? Well… we had to move the shop across the hall from our old location due to a water main issue.

Our address remained the same, telephone & email too.

Lots of time spent packing, moving, unpacking, resetting, hanging light fixtures etc.

Now we’re ready to get back to grinding out the tone palettes from our forges, starting with a couple of these…

MasterMind PBC's

RJM Music has really pushed the envelope for pedalboard switcher/controllers. The MasterMind PBC is laden with features never seen before in a similar design.

Nice Rack Canada believes in creating & maximizing value in all of our system builds, the MasterMind PBC is the embodiment of this ethos. The MasterMind PBC is a combination of many items redesigned to fit into the smallest footprint with the greatest amount of functionality & stellar sonic quality.

RJM Music took their existing MasterMind GT MIDI Controller design, removed the LCD displays to reduce footprint and cost, but added 6 Mono Loops with 2 insert points and 4 Stereo Loops that can be Parallel or Series Mixed with the onboard Line Mixer. Also added is 2x TRS Control Jacks for Amp Function Switching, a Tuner and External Editting via USB.

As with any RJM Music product the MIDI functionality is standard setting for the industry. With previous iterations of similar designs manufactured in globalized markets by other  manufacturers, the MIDI functionality could be described as almost non-existent to joke like. RJM Music has once again set a new standard for hardware to maximize pedalboard system functionality.

As with the RJM Music MasterMind GT22 & GT16  we are proud to be the installers of serial number 0001. We look forward to continuing this tradition with RJM Music for many years to come.

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