Series & Parallel Effects MIDI Pedalboard

A two board pedalboard system to replace the client’s antiquated rack system. Effects board is housed offstage, Control Board onstage. RJM Mini Effect Gizmo switched series wired loops for mono Wah, Compression, Overdrives & Stereo Pitch & Modulation Effects. Parallel Wired MEG Switched Delays & Reverbs. Stereo Effects & Dual Mono Dry Signal line mixed … [Read more…]

Got Loud? Pedalboard

Series Wired Pedalboard with a Nice Rack Canada Buffer box with Switchable Clean Boost & Constant Tuner feed. Rehoused Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi & MXR Micro Amp. Powered by Voodoo Labs Pedal Power Iso 5 & custom PSU for Whammy.

Pedalboard Porn

At the customer request we wrapped an RJM Music MasterMind MIDI Controller with the client’s supplied artwork. This rig is nice clean simple super efficient and powerful guitar rig that can be set up in 2 minutes, packed up in 2 minutes, offer an almost infinite effects palette and beautiful tone. The signal path is … [Read more…]

Oceanographer | Studio

New studio pedalboard system for Kevin Plessner, NYC based Session Player, Studio Engineer & guitarist for shoegazer indie space rock & roll band, Oceanogrpaher Kevin’s rig needed to satisfy a healthy sized list of audio criteria and some logistic options as well. Satisfying the session player in him, the board had to have a bunch … [Read more…]

Mayday Parade

Guitarist Alex Garcia of Mayday Parade wanted to get a new pedalboard together for the band’s upcoming tour. With a new record coming out in October lots of touring will follow. Alex had been using a PedalTrain board in an ATA flight case. The total weight of the board, case & contents was 74 pounds … [Read more…]

MIDI Solutions Products now in stock at Nice Rack Canada

Nice Rack Canada is the newest Toronto dealer of MIDI Solutions Products. MIDI Solutions Inc. is a leading manufacturer of MIDI processing products. The company is dedicated to creating innovative and affordable MIDI products for a wide range of MIDI applications. MIDI Solutions has experienced steady growth since it was founded in 1992. They have provided … [Read more…]