Ladies of The Canyon | Anna Ruddick | Bass Pedalboard

A compact “4 Wire” system for Ladies of The Canyon Bassist, Anna Ruddick. 10 Different Effects & a Tuner in a Pedalboard system small enough to fit through a carryon luggage sizer. Packed in a Pelican 1510 case with cables, setlists and gig accessories, checked weight 28 lbs with rollers and extension handle. When paired with a Backpack Gig Bag, this system gives the player totally portability with amazing tone and a wide variety of sonic options.

The system is constructed atop a Custom District Perforated Aluminum Stock Pedalboard. The super strong and lightweight material is 40% lighter than a Ply & ABS Laminate pedalboard of comparable size. When every ounce matters in a total system weight, the Custom District Pedalboard is a clear cut winner combined with a bold look. A Custom District modified Altoids tin for accessories compliments the build.

The Eventide PitchFactor controlled by a custom MIDI controller gives the player a number of Bass specific top quality Octave, Fuzz Octave, Chorus & Harmonizing presets and a Tuner Function.

The MIDI controller is made from a Randall amps MIDI card housed in Hammond enclosure and wired up by Nice Rack Canada. The controller is preprogrammed to send PC#’s 1 through 8. With the FactorLibrarian Application, we were able to order and name 8 presets specific to Anna’s needs.

A Jack Deville CL3:Aux Switch box is used to control the PitchFactor’s Bypass and Tuner Functions.

The System PSU is a Voodoo Lab Pedal Power Digital.

The MXR Bass Compressor is a very nice sounding and reasonably priced 5 knob compressor with a Gain Reduction Meter, an item that should be standard on every compressor pedal.

The System I/O Box with Latching Connections also provides Dynamic 4 Wire Configuration Switching allowing the PitchFactor to be placed in front of the amp or in the amp’s effects loop at the tap of switch. When the PitchFactor is used for Dynamics such as Octave or Fuzz Octave the pedal is placed before the Pre-Amp stage. When the PitchFactor is used for Chorus or Harmonizing effects the pedal is inserted in the amp’s effects loop. This simple circuit increases the user functionality exponentially.

Also in the I/O Box is a Output “A/B” Switch allowing Anna to toggle between playing Bass mostly and Acoustic Guitar on 1 song in the LOTC setlist through a Chorus & Delay preset routed to a dedicated DI box.

Clean Boost Pedal, I/O Box, System Design & Build by Nice Rack Canada.

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