Joseph and The Mercurials

A series wired pedalboard with a few unique features. Built for Toronto recording artist Joseph & The Mercurials, the rig required some special considerations to power.

With the the artist touring North America & Europe regularly, the system had to have a power supply that could be switched between 120 & 220 Volt Mains Supply. By using a power supply with this functionality the artist can avoid extra costs and logistics by not using a “Step Down” Transformer. The Custom Audio Electronics / MXR MC403 was the first choice for this criteria.

In addition to the considerations for the Supply Voltage there is also the matter of the unique needs of multiple audio devices requiring hundreds of milliamps of current. To facilitate these demands we built an interface that accepted multiple power supply taps and paralleled them as needed to create higher current outputs.

Joseph & The Mercurials play a number of fashion & gallery events outside the normal context of “music venues”, (in fact we first met Joseph at a loft party hosted by a fashion blogger). Many of the spaces don’t lend themselves well to using an electric guitar amplifier, for these moments we installed an amp emulator on the board that can facilitate running an electric guitar directly into the venue sound system.

Like many working artists on tour these days, Joseph has to be very self sufficient for transport logistics. As such the rig had to be able to fly as checked luggage, and easily move in & out of a taxi etc. While maintaining a eye on the weight criteria Joseph also wanted to pack the maximum sonic possibility and quality into the system, which made the Eventide H9 & Space the only logical choice.

The signal flow is Guitar >> Nice Rack Canada Buffer & Clean Boost >> Buffer Output 1 >> Tuner, Buffer Output 2 >> Boss Octave >> Eventide H9 >> Eventide Space >> DigiTech RP55 >> DI        Vocal >> TC Electronic Helicon Create XT >> Sound System

System Design & Fabrication by Nice Rack Canada.

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