Fractal Audio & Wizard Amplification Demo Day


Come play with me! Appearing at the Fractal Audio​ & Wizard Amplification Inc.​ Demo Day At Nice Rack Canada​ – Saturday December 5 – 11AM to 6PM – Free Admission.

Nice Rack Canada put together this Stereo Wet & Dry showcase rig for the Fractal Audio Axe FX II running Quantum firmware.

We’ve brought in a pair of Meyer Sound​ MJF212A Full Range Powered Monitors for Complete Amp, Cabinet & Microphone Models.

We’ve also programmed a “Pre-Cabinet” Split point into some presets to route the Amp Models only into a Matrix Amplification​ GT1000FX Power Amp into 2x 1×12″ Wizard Amplification Cabinets.

Controlling this trainload of tone is the Fractal Audio MFC101 & EV-1 Expression Pedal with 2x Nice Rack Canada External Switch Boxes.

Our friends at Sukh KickTags put together a sharp looking set of glow in the dark magnetic labels for the control surfaces.

You really want to put some of this sonic joy into your Saturday…

Fractal Wizard 1 Forum

Does this make my tone sound big? YES! and it looks good on you.

This rig truly has to be played to be believed. Fractal Audio Effects Processing into a Stereo Pair of Wizard Amplification MTL 50 Watt Amplifiers.

A studio grade pedalboard that can be completely reconfigured per preset to include any 8x Fractal Effects Blocks from the Axe FX platform.

A pair of majestic amplifiers that are some of the most dynamically responsive tone tools you’ll ever have the joy of playing through.

Bring your favourite guitar and plug into a world of sonic wonder with rib crushing slabs of tone.

See you this Saturday, December 5th. 11AM to 6PM at the Nice Rack Canada showroom.

Free admission and door prizes too!

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