Fractal Audio FX8 Pedalboard System

Nice Rack Canada​ recently built up this Fractal Audio​ FX8 Pedalboard system for a local client.

The FX8 is very powerful all in one pedalboard solution that has premium quality audio archetecture & robust build quality.

The infinite flexibility of signal flow and flavours per preset makes this tool very valuable for sideman / session type players who are called upon to have a wide variety of sounds to cover the variety of gigs they are playing.

This system is wired in a “4CM” manner with the Amp’s effects loop being able to be placed at different points in the FX8’s path per preset.

In the Nice Rack Canada custom In & Out Box, we included an insert point for any analog device that the player may want to insert in the signal chain and a switching circuit to accommodate rental amp days where they may not be an effects loop in the rental amp.

Nice Rack Canada is very happy to be in our 5th year of working closely with Fractal Audio, installing & programming Axe FX, MFC101 & FX8 units and providing extended programming support to many pro users over 4 continents. We look forward to working with this forward looking company for many years to come.

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