Drive On

Nice Rack Canada​ recently built this series wired pedal board system for a local player who really loves a nice overdrive.

We built up a custom switcher using a Road Rage Pro Gear​ enclosure for Effects Loops, Signal Order Reversing, Amp Sends, Master Mute with a couple of buffers at key points in the signal path. We also built in a Nice Rack Canada Clean Boost Circuit with an “11” knob.

The client uses either his Fulltone Effects​ Tube Tape Echo or Maestro Echo Plex III for real tape delays. We built a custom “Cancel” switch that can be used with both of his favourite tape machines.

The Signal Path is Guitar >> Signal Order Reversing Switch In >> Send A to Wah >> Vibe, Send B to >> EP Boost >> KTR >> SL Drive >> OCD >> Clarksdale >> P19 >> Reversing Switch Out >> Compressor >> Boost >> Chorus >> Belle Epoch >> Talisman >> 3 Way Split to Tuner Constant & 2x Switched Amplifier Outputs.

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