City and Colour | 2012 | Before and After

Dallas Green of City and Colour has been playing music professionally for over 10 years. After years of guitar rig inconsistencies and dramas, Dallas decided it was time to get a proper system built by a pro.

Dallas reached out to Nice Rack Canada with his list of sonic & functionality criteria as a player. Nice Rack Canada was able to take in Dallas’ requests and add them to the “conforming” criteria that touring musicians have to work through such as checked luggage allowances, festival format performances etc.

The old rig was a collection of pedals for 3 different signal streams – Acoustic + Electric + Baritone Guitars. Each with it’s own Input cable and tuner. All powered by a Dunlop Brick. After an hour long chat about the City and Colour live dynamics & tour logistics, Dallas tested & listened to some available some hardware options suggested by Nice Rack Canada. A plan was formed and the build placed on the NRC production schedule.

Nice Rack Canada custom built a Road Rage Pro Gear Switcher as the hub of the Guitar Signal, in the design of the switcher Nice Rack Canada was able to eliminate 2x input cables + 2x Tuners from the rig. The new rig has 1x Input Cable that can be routed to a Pre-Effects Send to a DI or Amp for Dallas’ Baritone Guitar Parts. The Switcher has 6x Effects Loops and 2x Buffered & Isolated Outputs -1 for Acoustic DI & 1 for Electric Guitar. The switcher also has a HotSwitch & Tap Tempo for the Eventide Space that Nice Rack Canada suggested to eliminate the “high mileage” Holy Grail & Digital Reverbs.

The Carbon Copy had been used exclusively on the Acoustic Guitar and set to emulate the Disaster Transport Jr. With one cable and one router handling all signal flow, Dallas was able to lose another pedal out of the rig.

Nice Rack Canada custom built system interface boxes to handle all power & audio connectivity to the pedalboard. All signal connections entering or leaving the board are latching and “un plug” proof. The setup time for the rig is now under 2 minutes which is very nice factor when doing festivals or support slots.

In the old configuration, the rig travelled in a Plywood/ABS Laminate “Road Case”. Upon Nice Rack Canada’s suggestion a Pelican 1720 Rifle Case was instituted to lower the system travel weight and increase the protection factor for the rig inside the case. The old rig checked at 62 pounds, incurring overweight fees on every single flight leg. The new rig travels at 43 pounds. This factor alone will save City and Colour $50 to $100 per flight on excess luggage costs. Over the course of touring the new album the rig will save the band more than the cost of the rig itself while increasing the sonic quality of City and Colour shows.

Musician spends money on new rig, gets better tone, better player functionality and takes home more earnings at the end of the year. Sounds like a good thing.


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