Chameleon Project | 2015 | Guitar

Nice Rack Canada has been working with Toronto based independent recording artists, Chameleon Project for 3 years now.

We’re honoured to build pedalboard systems for a very talented group of players who push musical boundaries every time they play together.

Do yourself a solid and check their new album “Funk In Space” at

The latest pedalboard system our shop has put together for the space funkateers is a Series Wired Double Board System for Guitarist Josh Laing.

Josh’s criteria for this system aside for great tone & unique signal order was to include splitting the palette of pedals into 2 separate boards for his “Traditional” & “Synth” guitar sounds. We included patching & switching functionality that allows either board to be used as a “stand alone” pedalboard if desired.

The signal flow travels between the 2 boards, Traditional or “Main” & “Synth” on the following path;

Guitar –> Main Board Input 1 –> Oxygen Compressor –> Nice Rack Canada Input Buffer with Tuner Split to TC Electronic PolyTune2 Mini –> Nice Rack Canada Clean Boost –> Main Board Output 1 –> Synth Board Input 1 –> Mu-FX​ Octave Divider –> Synth Board Output 1 –> Main Board Input 2 –> Dunlop 535Q Wah –> Mu-FX TruTron 3X –> Main Board Output 2 –> Synth Board Input 2 –> DigiTech​ Synth Wah –> Line 6 FM4 –> Synth Board Output 2 –> Main Board Input 3 –> Eventide​ H9 –> Nice Rack Canada 10kΩ Buffer –> SubDecay Liquid Sunshine OD –> FuzzHugger FX Phantom Arcade Fuzz –> Strymon TimeLine Delay –> Main Board Output 3 –> Synth Board Input 3 –> DigiTech DigiVerb –> Boomerang III Phrase Sampler –> Mute Switch –> Amp Input

Both boards are respectively powered by the standard setting Voodoo Lab​ Pedal Power 4×4 & Digital.

System Design & Fabrication + 12VAC supplies for the Mu-FX TruTron 3X & Octave Divider built by Nice Rack Canada.


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