OneControl Pedalboard System

Nice Rack Canada recently built up this pedalboard for a local player.  The client came to us after experiencing some frustration in putting together a system on his own. Thanks to our friends at Steve’s Music Toronto and their Nice Rack Canada pedalboards display, the client became aware of our services. After seeing our handiwork, the client … [Read more…]

Robb Cappelletto

Toronto based Jazz guitarist Robb Cappelletto has literally spent his entire life perfecting his playing technique. The next logical step for Robb was to solidify his collection of tone tools into a nicely packaged system that would sound great, set up & tear down quickly and fit into the smallest footprint possible. As Robb says, … [Read more…]


Nice Rack Canada’s first pedalboard system build of the year is going to Aaron Marshall of I N T Ξ R V Λ L S. Aaron wanted a pedalboard system that would reflect the years of hard work he has put in to getting his career to this point and inspire much new creativity. This temple … [Read more…]

MasterMind LT7 & Amplifire

Merry Christmas to our friends at RJM Music, Atomic Amps & The Custom District! Thanks for the sweet presents! When two cutting edge electronics companies send you gear on the same day, the natural thing to do is build a rig out of the offerings. We whipped up this whopper of a compact rig on a The Custom District … [Read more…]

Fractal Audio AX8

At Nice Rack Canada we strongly believe in the value that a modeling platform can create for a musician. Since 2010 we’ve been installing & programming Fractal Audio products. Nice Rack Canada is the first choice in Canada for all Fractal Audio related items including, installation, rig packaging, programming & repairs. This year we’ve been … [Read more…]

Jam Night

A local client of ours wanted a versatile pedalboard that he could take to jam nights where his larger preset based systems wouldn’t be appropriate. The client wanted the same stellar tone and ergonomics that he has come to know our shop for, while maintaining the greatest degree of “on the fly” adaptability. This rig … [Read more…]

ES8 + H9 = Divine

  If pristine tone & infinite flexibility in your signal flow are important to you then the ES8 + H9 = Divine! Nice Rack Canada recently completed this system build for a local client who wanted to enjoy the tonal bliss of a professionally built pedalboard system with infinite forward flexibility in the signal path to … [Read more…]

The S&P Influence

Building rack & pedalboard systems is always full of new challenges & criteria from the variety of players we work with. This week’s Nice Rack Canada pedalboard system build is going to a local player who wanted us to build a pedalboard system that would capture the essence of two of his favorite players in … [Read more…]

A Nice Rack System

Nice Rack Canada built up this guitar rack system a little while ago for a client. The signal flow for this beauty is; UHF Systems & Cable –> Input Switcher –> Input Buffer with Tuner Split to TC Electronic PolyTune Mini Noir –> Xotic Wah –> Boss FV30H –> Nice Rack Canada 10kΩ Buffer –> … [Read more…]

Beginner Board

This week’s Nice Rack Canada pedalboard creation is going to a local recreational guitarist, who is enjoying his first ever pedalboard system. Our client came to us with a wealth of acoustic guitar playing history but has only recently dived into the colourful world of electric guitar. Without a concise sonic idea that we were … [Read more…]